Automations for Trello

BenkoBot is a cloud-based runner for Trellinator , an open source javascript wrapper for the Trello API.* We made Trellinator - and then BenkoBot - to support sophisticated Trello automations for BenkoWorks consulting customers after Butler Bot was turned off.

BenkoBot is like AWS Lamda or Microsoft Azure Functions, with the benfit that your code automatically listens for Trello events. You can execute powerful custom business logic in Trello at any scale. Because it's javascript, you can integrate other APIs - CRM systems, email, your own custom APIs, etc. - to create powerful workflow automations that extend across application boundaries.

Getting Started

You automatically have a free trial and you don't have to create an account to use BenkoBot. You control access with your Trello API Key and a token that allows BenkoBot to interact with Trello on your behalf.

Just make sure you're logged into Trello and then head over to the login page to get your key and generate the token.

* You can set up and host Trellinator yourself but BenkoBot makes the whole thing more powerful and much (much, much much) simpler. These gists and the Atlassian forums are a good place to get an idea of what you can do with Trellinator.